"I have spent my life painting things and places I love. These shores of the southeastern coast have special meaning for me…. The length of the coast is so beautiful and so diverse and so ever-changing that it would take several lifetimes for a painter to do it justice. However, it was my intent … to capture…my impressions of each place, each scene, each moment as it occurred in time…"
– Ray Ellis

Ray Ellis


Attended the Philadelphia Museum School of Art. His first one-man show was held in 1947 at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

After serving four years in the Coast Guard during WWII, Ellis founded his own advertising agency in New Jersey and New York, but continued to paint in his spare time. During this period he was elected to the American Watercolor Society, and his works were widely exhibited and received numerous honors.

In 1969 Ellis was able to devote all his time to painting. In 1974 he moved south to Hilton Head Island, SC and then to Savannah, GA. In 1989 Ellis resettled in the north where he maintains a home and studio on Martha's Vineyard with his wife Teddi.

In the early 80's, Ellis and Walter Cronkite collaborated on a series of fine art books which celebrate America's coastlines: South by Southeast, North by Northeast, and Westwind. In 1992, Ellis authored The Spirit of Golf with golf journalist Ben Wright.

Paintings of Savannah and Martha's Vineyard have been published in separate volumes: Ray Ellis' Savannah & the Lowcountry, and Martha's Vineyard an Affectionate Memoir. Most recently published are Coastal Images of America and The Road to Ballybunion.

Ellis's paintings are included in major museums and private collections throughout the country. His paintings hang in our American Embassies in Geneva, Vienna, London, and more recently, Brussells. In 1999, he was commissioned by the White House to do a series of paintings of the Rose Garden. In 2004, the Telfair Museum of Savannah, GA exhibited a major retrospective of his work. 

  • Lady Banks Roses Limited Edition Giclee Print of 500
    Image Size: 13.25" x 16.5"
  • Suppertime Limited Edition Print of 750
    Image Size: 16.75" x 23"
  • Pumpkin Time Limited Edition Print of 200
    Image Size: 12" x 18"
  • Summer Day Limited Edition Print of 500
    20" x 30"
    Edition of 500
  • Gathering Shells - Pawleys Island Limited Edition Print of 300
    17.5" x 26"
  • Sunset Walk Limited Edition Giclee Print
    by Ray Ellis
    16" x 24"
  • The Seiners Limited Edition Print
    15" x 30"
  • Waiting for the Tide Limited Edition Giclee Print
    Edition of 200
    12" x 16"
  • Marsh in Spring Limited Edition Giclee Print
    of 500
    8 x 12 Image Size
  • Lowcountry Morning Limited Edition Giclee Print
    of 500
    18 x 24 Image Size
    Featured in Ray Ellis Book: "Coastal Images of America"
  • Moonlit River 20" x 15"
    Signed by the Artist
    Limited Edition of 500
  • Egrets By Moonlight Limited Edition Signed Giclee Print of 300
  • Lowcountry Beach Limited Edition Giclee Print of 500
    Signed by the Artist
  • Blue Hydrangeas Limited edition Giclee
    10 x 8 image
    18 3/4" x 16 1/4" Framed
    Price: $315
    Framed to Museum Standards
  • Bowl of Daffodils Limited edition Giclee
    9-3/4 x 8 image
    Price: $225
  • Pink Tulips Limited edition Giclee
    10 x 8 image
    18 3/4" x 16 1/4" Framed
    Price: $315
    Framed to Museum Standards
  • Oysterman's World Limited edition of 500
    14 x 28 image
  • Moon Gazer Limited edition of 100
    25 x 33 image
  • Morning Marsh Limited edition of 500
    11 x 14 image
  • Hunting for Quail Limited Edition signed Giclee
    14 x 28 image
    Price: $300
  • Old Oak Limited Edition signed Giclee
    20 x 30 image
    Price: $350
  • Corner of the Garden Limited edition signed print
    17 x 22-1/2 image
    27-1/5 x 32 framed
  • Morning on the Marsh Limited edition signed print
    25 x 33-1/4 image
  • Egrets Rising Limited edition signed print
    12 x 16 image
  • Decoy Set Limited edition signed print
    18 x 24-3/4 image