The History of the American Indian Tribes of North America

"The History of the Indian Tribes of North America" by Thomas L. McKenney and James L. Hall has been long renowned for its faithful portraits of Native Americans. These dramatic, hand-colored lithographs are based upon original portrait paintings by the artist, Charles Bird King, who was employed by the United States Government to record the appearance of these natives as they came to Washington, D.C. to sign peace treaties.

The paintings formed the basis for the War Department's Indian Gallery. Most of King's original paintings were subsequently destroyed in a fire at the Smithsonian. Therefore, the appearance of these portraits in McKenney & Hall's magnificent work serves as our only remaining records of many of the most prominent Indian leaders of the 19th century. Among the McKenney & Hall Portrait Gallery were Sequoyah, Black Hawk, Osceola, and Pocahontas.

The History of the American Indian Tribes of North America
by Thomas McKenney & James Hall
Philadelphia, 1838-1844.
Folio Edition: Average Paper Size: 20" x 13 3/4"
Original Hand-colored Lithographs 

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